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16" Milwaukee Electric Chain Saw

Manufacturer: Milwaukee Tools

Model Number: 6215

This 2.25 maximum horsepower electric chain saw is equipped with a handguard actuated brake and resettable lock out switch to shut down the unit in the event of kickback. The 6.5 ounce capacity reservoir automatically oils the chain mechanism providing one hour of continuous operation. The unit is lightweight, quiet, smooth running and starts instantly even in freezing weather.

18" x 24" Lawn Roller

Manufacturer: Agri-Fab

Model Number: 45-0267

18" x 24" Lawn Roller fills with water and weighs 250 lbs when full.

Bandit 6-inch Disc Chipper

Manufacturer: Bandit Industries

Model Number: M65XP

Compact and easy-to-tow. This 6" capacity disc-style chipper is popular with homeowners, landscape companies and commercial customers alike. The Model 65XP will easily keep two people busy feeding it.

Barreto Standard All-Hydraulic Reat Tine Tiller

Manufacturer: Barreto

Model Number: 1320H

1320H standard tiller designed for heavy duty tilling applications.

Billy Goat 24" Wide Self Propelled Brush Hog

Manufacturer: Billy Goat

Model Number: BC2403H

24" Wide Self Propelled Brush Hog with 3 speed limited slip transaxle. Great for cleaning brush up to 6' and saplings up to 2.0" diameter.

Billy Goat 6.5 HP Commercial Top Fill Vacuum

Manufacturer: Billy Goat

Model Number: MV650H

29" Wide lawn and litter vacuum is ideal for residential and property maintenance. Powerful suction and easy operation make clean up of leaves, seeds, mulch and litter debris easy.

Billy Goat Yard Vacuum

BlueBird TA12 48" Towable Aerator

Manufacturer: Bluebird Equipment

Model Number: 968999444

48" design aerates up to 4 acres/hr. Two independent tine rotors for easy maneuvering. Water containers optional.

Classen 18" Compact Aerator

Manufacturer: Classen Manufacturing

Model Number: CA-18H

Classen aerators are designed to pull a core allowing water, air and nutrients to reach the grass roots and reduce lawn compaction. These compact units feature a fold-down handle, removable weights and lift or tie down handles for easy transporting. Tire scrapes ensure consistent tine depth while bumper guards prevent wheels from catching on obstacles. Unit is full time self-propelled with easy reach controls.

Classen 18" Gear-Drive Sod Cutter

Model Number: SC-18/5.5

Classen gear-drive sod cutters cut up to 2.5" deep feature easy reach controls. Blade placed at center of machine ensures a consistent cutting depth. The 1-3/8" cutting stroke is up to 50% longer than competitive models which yields cleaner, smoother results and increased production, perfect for cutting sod for a new flower bed, sidewalk, driveway, deck or re-defining sports fields or golf course paths. Units feature finger throttle for adjustable speed control which goes to idle when released.

Classen Rake w/ Honda

Manufacturer: Classen Manufacturing

Model Number: TR-20H

Classen turf rakes thatcher are portable, compact and dethatch a 20" swath with ease. Folding handles make them excellent for rental use. Rakes feature a more accurate 5-position, single action height adjustment. Heavy-duty, greasable bearings with cast-iron housings provide trouble free dethatching.

Classen Seeder w/ Honda

Manufacturer: Classen Manufacturing

Model Number: TS-20H

Classen Turf Seeders make it easy to seed a new or existing lawn. Front seed drop ensures seed placement and follow up soil coverage over seed for better germination. Clear covered seed box lets you see when seed runs out and is mounted higher to avoid moisture and prevent clogging. Seed box quickly and easily removes so you can pour excess seed back into bag.

Collins 3.5 lb Axe

Model Number: MMF-635-SB-DA

Collins 3.5 lb Axe

Collins Post Hole & Tamping Bar (Wrecking Bar)

UPC: 743153272008

Manufacturer: Bon Tool

Model Number: DB16

This dual end bar is used to dig holes and to compact dirt.

Dosko 337 Stump Grinder

Manufacturer: Dosko

Model Number: 337

Dosko 337 Stump Grinder

E-Z Trench Bedscaper Bed Edger/Definer

Manufacturer: E-Z Trench

Model Number: BE400

E-Z Trench Bedscapes are great for creating a well defined edge on landscape beds. Zero-turn steering allows for tight tree rings and smooth curved designs.

E-Z Trench EZ Cable Installer

Manufacturer: E-Z Trench

Model Number: TP400CL3

The E-Z Trench Wire Installer model TP400Cl3 actually installs wire or cable while trenching and covers it up. Great for installing underground pet containment, landscape lighting, or control wires for irrigation systems.

Extended Reach Hedge Trimmer

Manufacturer: Little Wonder

Model Number: 2210

The Extended Reach Hedge Trimmer works great for hard to reach hedges, cutting at different angles and makes quick work of ground cover. With fast blade adjustments and ease of use, the Extended Reach Hedge Trimmer is a time and money saving tool for landscapers.

Ground Hog 2-Man Post Hole Digger

Manufacturer: Ground Hog

Model Number: C71-5H

This 2-Man Post Hole Digger can dig a hole 32" deep or add 24" with the available extension. We carry 6", 8", 10", and 12" augers for this unit. The C-71-5 uses an air cooled centrifugal clutch and a trigger-type, return-style throttle. Both operator positions are equipped with individual stop switches and tubular steel handlebnars. Max. Auger Diameter 12 inches. Weight 72 lbs. (33kg)

Husqvarna 225L Straight Shaft Trimmer w. blade kit

Manufacturer: Husqvarna

Model Number: 225L

A loop-handle trimmer equipped with a grass blade and trimmer head for heavy grass and dense weeds. Combi-guard can be used with either grass balde or trimmer head.

Husqvarna 346 XP 16" Chain Saw

Manufacturer: Husqvarna

Model Number: 965185518

50cc 16" Husqvarna Chain Saw

Husqvarna 350BT Backpack Leaf Blower, Tube Mount

Manufacturer: Husqvarna

Model Number: 95001098

Husqvarna 145BT is a powerful commercial backpack blower with tube mounted throttle control.

Iron & Oak 22 Ton Horiz/Vert, Towable Log Splitter

Manufacturer: Iron & Oak

Model Number: BHVH2202

22 Ton Log Splitter

Iron & Oak 20 Ton Fast Cycle Horiz/Vert, Towable Log Splitter

Manufacturer: Iron & Oak

Model Number: BHVH2202FC

Lawn Boy 21" Lawn Mower

Model Number: 1060

Lawn Boy 21" Lawn Mower. 2-cycle with side discharge.

Little Wonder 24" Elec DE Hedge Trimmer

Manufacturer: Little Wonder

Model Number: 4220-00-01

Little Wonder Electric Hedge Trimmers are light weight yet cut through 1/2 inch branches quickly and cleanly. Dual reciprocating blades provide a scissor-like cut that is faster and cleaner, protecting plants from damage. Trimmers feature well balanced handles for all day use with no emissions to inhale. The 4.5 amp electric motor runs quieter, provides high-speed cutting action of 2700 cuts per minute, and features a safety mechanism that stops blade cutting action within a half second when released.

Little Wonder 30" Gas SE Hedge Trimmer

Manufacturer: Little Wonder

Model Number: 22305-00-01

Little Wonder Gas Hedge Trimmers feature a commercial grade 2-cycle engine with case-hardened gears and easy start electronic ignition. Dual reciprocating blades provide a scissor-like cut that is faster and cleaner, protecting plants from damage. Gas trimmers cut 3500 cuts per minute up to 1 inch branches.

Little Wonder 5HP Leaf Blower

Manufacturer: Little Wonder

Model Number: 9502-00-01

Little Wonder SHO blowers offer all steel durability, 25 sq inches of air stream and Split-Stream air deflector. This patented design positions chute just 2" off the ground and with two air streams ensures leaves and debris are blown away and not back to you. Though lighter weight, these smaller blowers easily move huge piles of leaves, stubborn residue, even standing water.

Little Wonder BedShaper w/ Honda

Manufacturer: Little Wonder

Model Number: 903-00-01

Designed to walk forward, the Little Wonder hydrostatic self-propelled BedShaper can re-define a bed or make "S" curves as fast as you can walk. Zero turning radius cuts the smallest tree rings. The BedShaper slices through turf cleanly so there's less strain on the operator and leaves just a strip of cut turf to be removed.

Little Wonder Edger w/ B&S

Manufacturer: Little Wonder

Model Number: 6033-00-01

Little Wonder Pro Edgers feature dual drive belts to give you more belt grip capable of edging up to 90 feet per minute. Edgers establish crisp, distinct edges up to 3 inches deep. With the independent belt engagement, operator can set cutting depth prior to engaging the blade, giving you better results especially at start up.


Manufacturer: MacKissic Inc.

Model Number: 12PHT8HMC

The 24 free-swinging hammers of the 12PHT Highway Towable Shredder-Chipper provide shredding of an endless variety of organic materials. Additionally it has chipping capacity of up to 3" diameter limbs. This combination of shredding & chipping is perfect for year round clean up & debris reduction.

MacKissick - Merry Tiller - Suburban Tiller

Manufacturer: Merry Tiller

SKU: 497867

Model Number: ST5.5H

The Suburban Mid-Tine tiller is the choice of serious gardeners. The suburban with its 14" or 26" tilling width is great for any size garden whether breaking new ground or working a mature garden. The Mid-Tine design puts the weight on the tines to help the tiller dig and take the burden off the user.

One Man Post Hole Digger

Manufacturer: Ground Hog

Model Number: HD99

The Ground Hog HD99 is a Towable Hydraulic Earthdrill that is designed to be powerful, easy to use and require very little maintenance.

The HD99 is the most powerful earthdrill in the Ground Hog line. With it's 9hp Honda, the HD99 can easily dig with any Ground Hog auger up to 12 inches in diameter. The use of hydraulics allows the HD99 to have variable auger speed and reverse which is very useful if the auger gets stuck.

Pole Pruner

Model Number: TP45

14' Ext Tree Pruner with saw blade and rope loper for up to 1" diameter branches.

Post Driver

Model Number: 16512

Post Driver

Post Hole Digger

Manufacturer: True Temper

Model Number: DG11

Hand Powered Post Hole Digger

Rear Tine Merry Tiller

Manufacturer: MacKissic Inc.

The Rear Tine Merry Tiller is a strong, durable, and easy to use rear tine tiller. The tiller is self-propelled with three foward gears (two for tilling) and a reverse. The tines and the wheels are driven by separate drives, the wheel drive being engaged with a hand clutch and engaging lever for the tines. This is great for transport and allows for better tilling.

Round Metal Push Spreader

Model Number: 28-22

Round Metal Push Spreader

Stihl MS 291

Manufacturer: Stihl

Model Number: MS 291

A powerful, rugged larger chain saw designed for use in tough conditions and harsh environments. Durable, quick start and easy maintenance.

Stihl Yard BossTiller


Stihl Tiller/ Cultivators are the world's favorite capable of digging through the toughest clay and spitting out the rocks. Serpentine tines guaranteed for life against breakage dig deep planting holes for trees and shrubs then tines can be placed opposite on unit to do shallow cultivating for easy weeding. Tines spin up to 240 rpm, twice the speed of other tillers, with the speed control and shut-off switch right at your finger tips. Unit is lightweight with handlebars balanced for a long reach into garden beds.

True Value Pick/Mattock

True Value Pick/Mattock

Model Number: CM5H

True Value/Mattock

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